Software Development

Simplify your IT operations and focus on how to run, develop and grow your main business instead.

We are able to offer a wide range of IT consulting services and IT infrastructure management according to the specific needs of your business. From document sorting to intent classification, and sentiment analysis, you can focus on your core business and increase your sales without having to spend valuable time and resources on day-to-day IT operations.
Instead of having to deal with the challenges you face with the IT processes needed to run your business, you can outsource these services to us. Our team has the necessary experience and resources for meeting the requirements of clients from various industries.

Custom Software Development in PHP and Java

Our custom software development services are designed to help you pull off whatever project you have in mind with fewer efforts and in a cost-efficient manner.  Custom software serves for unique processes of your business, satisfies particular needs and solves specific problems. In other words, it makes your workflow faster, easier and more efficient. The main advantages of custom software are increased flexibility, custom support, maintenance and minimized security risks.

Our team has almost 20 years of experience in custom software development in PHP and Java. Keeping up to date with the newest trends in the field is on top of our priorities list. We are willing and able to bring in our extensive expertise for the benefit of your own custom software, molding it to your work processes, priorities, and policies. We offer support throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and programming to post-launch enhancements.  Our expertise in the area of software development was refined across multiple platforms. This enables us to minimize risks and deliver outstanding custom software solutions in PHP and Java.

IT Asset Cycle Management (ITALM)

This is a core process of IT asset management (ITAM). As an asset manager, it’s important to know the life cycle stage of your assets.

A solid ITALM strategy will help you increase productivity throughout your business by helping you make the best decisions regarding your IT needs.

Storage Management

We will provide you with the most suitable software solutions to facilitate data storage throughout your system, on-prem, on virtual machines and in the Cloud.

Network Utilization Monitoring

Our team of IT specialists will review the utilization metrics and statistics of your IT network. The detailed review will provide a valuable insight into the overall network or the level of utilization of one or more devices within the network.

We will also help you make any adjustments if needed.

High Availability

We offer redundancy of 99% for your infrastructure.

On-prem and Virtual Machines

We will provide the necessary support to maintain a good functionality of your physical on-prem and virtual servers in the Cloud.

Hardware & Software Management

Through an IT infrastructure that adapts to the pace of business and technology change, you can quickly anticipate and respond to market dynamics, while reducing the costs and complexity of your IT systems.

Our experts will provide support in choosing, designing, and configuring the software and hardware solution with the lowest total cost of ownership for your business.

Offsite connectivity

Effective collaboration and communication requires simple, easy-to-use solutions to ensure their adoption as quickly as possible and a pleasant user experience.

We will set up a secured remote connectivity system for your team members so that they can be connected to the business network whenever necessary.

Strategic, Architecture and Implementation Planning

Enterprise Architecture defines what needs to be done to organize your business, but planning helps you decide which frameworks should be implemented.

We will manage your architectural infrastructure according to your business needs.

Operational Assessment / Benchmarking

Our team is able to test the quality of the servers you used for your website and for your IT network to identify any potential problems and provide the most adequate solutions.