For most online businesses, logistics can become expensive and difficult to implement, especially if items are shipped individually, from multiple sources.

By using one of our cross-dock warehouses from all over Europe you can have your parcels relabeled and shipped individually or consolidated for bulk return. Using this strategy, you considerably improve your logistics operations, reduce costs, and cut outbound delivery costs. We have different central locations throughout Europe, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best.
As a full-service provider for online businesses, we offer various other services, in addition to warehousing and managing storage facilities. Our logistics services include receiving, identifying, retaining, and dispatching shipments according to your schedule.

Consolidation Services

Nowadays, consumers have high expectations, both in-store and online when it comes to the availability of the product, convenience, and instant gratification.

Retailers are ordering smaller shipments, but have to face higher costs because of this. Through our consolidation services, we combine orders from multiple suppliers destined for the same retailers or customers.

Consolidated returns

Usually, consumers can return any defective product to the retailer within a certain period of time and request a replacement or a credit. Returns usually reverse through the retail supply channel back to the manufacturer.

Using consolidated returns, retailers are able to return items from multiple orders to the same supplier, reducing the processes costs involved in the return of individual items.