As a full-service provider for online shops, we understand how important it is to channel your marketing efforts towards strategies that are truly beneficial and add value to your business.

If you own a small start-up, you might think that only big players can use marketing automation. Or maybe you believe that it requires too much effort and it’s difficult to integrate with your platform.

Marketplaces Automation

Today anyone can benefit from automation. Software created especially for this purpose can help you prioritize and execute marketing tasks in a more efficient manner and to generate more revenue.

You can target customers with personalized content. In this way, you support their decision-making process and increase the chances of conversion for your shop. Marketplace automation is not only used to improve your current marketing process but also to send customized content to your leads, keep your customers engaged, and turn them into loyal repeat customers.

Social Media

Since your marketing efforts should be geared towards consolidating and expanding your online presence, social media marketing campaigns should be an important part of your strategy. Smart content is the future! Structured, reusable content, supported by AI-based technologies can meet the expectations of your customers on various communication channels.Researching new ideas, finding related information and generating content takes a lot of time.

SEO can become expensive for your marketing strategy.With the help of automatic original content creation, you will be able to provide your existing or potential customers with the information they need and support your organic marketing campaigns.

In addition, we will also create customized branded ads for your social media platforms to help you boost your sales and raise brand awareness. We will monitor the progress of your marketing campaigns and make the necessary adjustments, if needed, to increase their efficiency. Our team will develop a fully customized marketing approach, taking into consideration your goals, and target audiences.