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Our service range includes customer care, marketing, logistics, custom software development, IT-management, analytics, and data science. Our wide range of services is designed to help you set up and manage your online business.
Customer Care

Always keep in touch with your customers.

We provide a full range of customer care services in over 30 languages. Our team provides customer care services by phone, e-mail, or chat. This way, the services are perfectly tailored according to your business needs.

Mondo: Integrated customer communication

Omnichannel solutions for companies – Offering exceptional customer experiences!

The EU Directive 2019/882 is an important step towards promoting accessibility for people with disabilities in the European Union.
Therefore, online businesses need to implement communication tools for people with disabilities to comply with the new legislation, show commitment and provide equal access for everyone to contact your business. Improve the user experience for all customers.
Mondo is an integrated, cloud-based solution that unifies customer dialogues across all channels in a single backend, creating a unified and consistent workspace for agents. Interactions across different communication channels such as emails, chat, social media, phone and automated workflows ensure a consistent experience for your customers.
Try our omnichannel SaaS platform free for 30 days and discover Mondo’s range of features to improve your workflows and customer experience.


We create, develop, implement, and maintain compelling marketing strategies.

This is the best approach to boost brand awareness, promote your product, and services. With our help, you can implement a true omni-channel strategy.


Choose from multiple European locations to reduce costs.

By using our logistics services, you can ensure a better and faster distribution of your products all across Europe. Our consolidation process and consolidated returns services will significantly reduce the costs and transit times of your logistics.

Software Development

Focus on further growing and expanding your business.

Meanwhile, we can simplify the IT operations needed to conduct your day-to-day activities. Our team can provide IT consulting and IT infrastructure management.

Data Science

Harness the power of the digital footprint!

Let your data work for you, to improve your business, monitor and analyze customer behavior and make accurate predictions about sales.